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S. 2nd street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Offering 16 years of experience Chris has worked at publications such as Mens Journal, People, and Seattle Metropolitan etc etc....



Brooklyn's Bittle and Burley is creating utilitarian canvas bags, mens beard brushes, pocket squares and handkerchiefs.

Products for the everyday that have a major sense of classic traditional style. He’s managed to hit just the right notes with his bags: They are classic but still unique and modern. The copper rivets and bronze swivel hooks feel durable and sturdy. They are minimal without being sparse—and the pops of color are natural, not garish.

Bittle and Burley has been featured on TimeOut and New York Magazines Gift Guide. Blogs like Man of Many and Disney baby. Stockist include A and G Merch and Life Curated in Brooklyn. Persons of Interest in Los Angeles. The Civil War Museum in Atlanta, GA.

ABOUT THE FOUNDER: A graphic designer by trade, you’ll definitely see his eye for great design in the details. And if his goods have a sturdy handmade feel, that’s because each and every step in the process has a little extra elbow-love in it: Chris hand-carves, sands and oils each pine brush., Designs, cuts and sews each pouch, hankie and bag.